Comedy Cabaret from Beth Hayward and Freyja Westdal

Beth and Freya are ‘middle aged women who should know better’.

They are proud-ish residents of South East London

Beth Hayward

Beth Hayward was a professional actress for 18 years until she remembered to have children. Since then she has spent the last 18 years wondering if she ought to have remembered to have chickens. Over time she has built a career developing communication skills workshops for some lovely clients, and some not so lovely. She lives in London with her long suffering husband who is apt to refer to her affectionately as “That Lying Machiavellian Trollop.”


Freyja Westdal

Freyja Westdal, ex waitress, ex ballerina, ex actress, ex agent, ex stage school proprietor,  EXPENSIVE. Freyja hails from Winnipeg in Canada and moved to the UK to go to Guildford School of Acting in 1981  After a varied career, these days the most important things to Freyja are her dogs and she has learned some life lessons from them. Now when she gets stressed about something,  if she can’t eat it or play with it she just pees on it and walks away.


Together they are…unstable probably.